All phobias and their meanings – List of different types phobias

All phobias and their meanings is a list of different types phobias and clear explanation about it.

There are different types of phobias out there, yet we some times only notice they exist when we start sufferring from their effects. Some have been classified as medical conditions while little is known of others.

However, the reaction to different things is subjective and often sounds silly or serious from person to person.

A list of some common phobias are as follows:

Find all phobias and their meanings

  • Ablutophobia : Fear of washing or bathing. Some people attribute it to the fear of being in contact with cold water.
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  • Acarophobia : Fear of insects that cause itching bites like mosquitoes or caterpillers that could cause skin to itch once in contact.
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  • Acerophobia : Fear of sourness e.g like from sour fruit or venegar.
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  • Bacillophobi : This is a fear of microbes. Most humans have developed this tendency because they worry to get infections from contamination.
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  • Bacteriophobi : Fear of bacteria (same phobia like above)
  • Ballistophobi : The fear of missiles or bullets falls within this category. This is common with people from war torn areas or hostile neighborhoods. Some develop it upon watching violent movies.
  • Bolshephobi : Fear of Bolsheviks.
  • Barophobi : Fear of gravity.
  • Basophobia or Basiphobi : This is the fear of walking or falling. This is common with kids just beginning to walk.
  • Carnophobi : The fear of meat or people who eat meat. Some strict vegans or vegetarians fall under this category of patients.
  • Catagelophobi : This refers to the fear of being ridiculed. There are many shy people or kids with low self-esteem.
  • Catapedaphobi : Fear of jumping from any height. Such people imagine falling very deep.
  • Cathisophobi : Fear of sitting.
  • Catoptrophobi : Fear of looking at mirrors. Very strange to fear looking back at yourself.
  • Diabetophobi : Fear of diabetes.
  • Didaskaleinophobi : The fear of going to school or of going back to school is something many people could relate to.
  • Dikephobi : The fear of justice – checkout criminals who live in constant fear of being judged.
  • Dinophobi : Fear of dizziness or whirlpools.
  • Diplophobi : Fear of double vision.
  • Eosophobi : The fear of dawn or daylight. This could have to do with the comfort of sleeping above time to wake up and go after daily routines.
  • Ephebiphobi : Fear of teenagers.
  • Epistaxiophobi : Fear of nosebleeds.
  • Francophobi : Also referred to as Gallophobi or Galiophobia, this is the fear of anything French culture.
  • Frigophobi : Fear of cold or cold things. e.g. from the refrigerator – How will it act on the teeth etc.
  • Glossophobi : This is the fear of speaking in public. For some people getting use to it makes it better but for others it never goes away.
  • Gnosiophobi : Fear of knowledge.
  • Graphophobi : Fear of writing.
  • Gymnophobi : Fear of nudity.
  • Hamartophobi : The fear of sinning is a common rule built into humans from religion.
  • Haphephobia or Haptephobi : The fear of being touched has increased space awareness and invasion of private space.
  • Harpaxophobi : The fear of being robbed has developed in some people who are victims in one way or another.
  • Hedonophobi : Fear of feeling pleasure.
  • Isolophobi : This is the fear of solitude or being alone. This is serious with people turning 40 and who are still unmarried or have no kids.
  • Kainolophobia or Kainophobi : Fear of anything new, novelty. Think about how much your grand parents don’t like using smart phones.
  • Kakorrhaphiophobi : Fear of failure or defeat. The remedy is learning to accept failure and seeking ways of trying again.
  • Katagelophobi : Fear of ridicule.
  • Limnophobi : Fear of lakes.
  • Linonophobi : Fear of string. have you ever watched a horor movie in which people were killed using a string ?
  • Liticaphobi : Fear of lawsuits.
  • Lockiophobi : The fear of childbirth is not uncommon in the 21st Century where girls fear putting on a lot of fat or having to deal with raising a child afterwards. many don’t see themselves going through the pain of pregnancy or delivery.
  • Maniaphobi : Fear of insanity.
  • Mastigophobi : Fear of punishment is a common phenomenon in people who are oppressed in some way. Kids have this problem but also adults e.g. in prison confinement.
  • Mechanophobi : Fear of machines.
  • Optophobi : Fear of opening one’s eyes.
  • Ornithophobi : Although brids are colorful and loverly, some people still fear of birds.
  • Orthophobi : Fear of property.
  • Pediculophobi : Fear of lice.
  • Pediophobi : Fear of dolls.
  • Pedophobi : Fear of children.
  • Peladophobi : Fear of bald people: Do they look too serious for your liking Or do you relate them to your doctor who first used a syringe on you ?
  • Radiophobi : Fear of radiation, x-rays.
  • Ranidaphobi : Do you fear frogs ? Some people can’t stand the sight of frogs looking at them with somewhat human looking eyes.
  • Rectophobi : Fear of rectum or rectal diseases.
  • Satanophobi : Satan is projected as the most evil person in our lives. This has led to a kind of fear for him.
  • Scabiophobi : Fear of scabies on the body animals or humans.
  • Tachophobi : This is the fear of speed. Some people find it hard being in fast moving objects. Take note of this at amuzement parks. Think about people who will never go on a roller coaster.
  • Taeniophobia or Teniophobi : Fear of tapeworms.
  • Taphephobia Taphophobi : This refers to the fear of being buried alive or of cemeteries.
  • Xenoglossophobi : Fear of foreign languages.
  • Xenophobi : The fear of strangers or foreigners. e.g. in S. Africa, the locals think of foreighners as the cause of insecurity and lack of jobs. This has led to several conflicts and killings across teh world.
  • Xerophobi : Fear of dryness.
  • Zelophobi : Fear of jealousy.
  • Zemmiphobi : Fear of the great mole rat.
  • Zoophobi : Fear of animals. Such people affected by this will not consider going to a zoo easily.